Sunday, March 30, 2008

Climbing the Falls

E. and I are spending our weekend on the Oregon Coast. We drove along the Columbia River Gorge on Friday and stopped at Multnomah Falls. Despite the rain and at times hail, many people ventured up to the bridge overlook. On the way, we saw Dr. Seuslike trees covered in brilliant green moss.

A less traversed trail led a mile upwards to the top of the falls. We and a few other brave souls decided to make the ascent. It wasn't easy. There were times that we thought of turning back but once we made it to the top, we were proud of our accomplishment. Due to my fear of heights, I could not get any closer to the railing than I did in the photo below. I couldn't get a better sense of the height without scaring myself in the process; but if one looks in the bottom right hand corner, one can see the highway below.

On the way back down, the sun came out and we were congratulated with a rainbow. What a wonderful day it was.


MLC said...

Oh great goodness - I love Oregon and took this very trip through the river gorges as well as to cannon beach.

one place i cried as I boarded the plane as I so sad to be leaving.


margaret said...

I love living in the Northwest, and the wet side of the mountains is so gorgeous. I can understand why you cried.