Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 2: Saturday

I'm back home in my nest, but am going to make the trip last longer by slowly sharing it with my blog readers. As this was my first time on the Oregon Coast and E. wanted to ensure that our experience was relaxing and romantic, we went to a well-known town on the Oregon Coast called Cannon Beach which is famous for Haystack Rock. The weather was at times rainy, other times foggy, and yes occasionally sunny. Of my many Haystack Rock photos, this is my favorite. When we drove drown the mountain and onto the coast, I got a glimpse of the rock from the highway. It was much larger than I had expected. I mentioned to E. that its size got increasingly smaller as our time on the beach grew longer. Perception is a funny thing.

It was E.'s idea to take a photo of the ripples in the sand.

The tide was low and people were walking on the rocks and around the tide pools looking for marine flora and fauna. I was too worried of stepping on something and disrupting life and habitat to enjoy myself on the rocks. Instead I took pictures of the Toes (?) (I honestly can't remember what their official name is.)

I loved our little room. It is probably the nicest place that I ever stayed while traveling for pleasure. It had a gas fireplace and many Haystack reminders. My favorites were the wood headboard with a giant orange sun behind the famous rock and best of all, the tissue paper container in the bathroom!

Being me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit a new bookstore. I ended up treating myself to a a book of Susan Sontag's essays and speeches. Her controversial post 9-11 writings are included. She was dying of breast cancer at the time and spoke the unedited truth. One of the essays was originally published as an opinion piece in the New York Times a year after the day. It was hard to decide, but this is my favorite part:

There are better ways to check America's enemies, less destructive of constitutional rights and of international agreements that serve the public interest of all, than continuing to invoke the dangerous, lobotomizing notion of endless war.

Oh, yes. And the day ended with a reminder that the sun sets in the west...

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Myrthe said...

Seems like you two had a good time! I am so glad for that!