Monday, March 17, 2008

Destination: Beirut-Lebanon

I have much to be thankful for these days. E. and are doing well. Very well, in fact. She is so genuine and wonderful. Always honest and true.

My father is visiting me again. He comes every six months or so. How lucky is that? I feel bad because I do get a bit snippy with him. He is turning 70 this coming month. I should not be anything but thankful for his existence, his friendship, and unconditional love.

And, the other big news is that I sent my most important package, my application to study Arabic this summer in the land in which I grew up.

Perhaps I have no reason to be nervous. I have been a good student, and I have done at least somewhat of something with my life. But it is my nature to second guess my abilities. Will I be accepted?

I have already submitted my leave of absence at work. And, I have saved the money to go. Now I must simply wait.

I have been tracking my package everyday. It has left Paris now. Does that mean it is on a flight to Lebanon? They slighly do not tell you what the next destination will be.

I tried to send the application via Global Express mail. But as the final address was a post office box, it was returned. The clock is ticking for it to reach its destination by the deadline, March 25. And so, I took advantage of the fact that I actually grew up in Lebanon the place in which I wish to travel and study. I sent my application to my dear childhood friend without even asking her first. We skyped and she will make sure it goes from her house to the right office in the university. It was so nice to hear her voice.

And so now, I can do nothing but track my package. My recommendations are in and soon will be the rest, hopefully. As long as there are no complications, such as a war perhaps? As my father says, everyone is hyper cautious now that there is no president. Stability is not being taken for granted. Does this mean that it will persist? Why is it that when I started getting interested in returning, the political situation collapsed?


Myrthe said...

I hope so much that you'll get accepted and get to go. But I am convinced you will! :-)

margaret said...

Thanks, Myrthe.
My package arrived today. Now I just have to wait until they let me know.