Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 3: Prolonged

I promised more photos. I have been trying to make my weekend last as long as possible but the time has come to share Day 3.

The following are from Ecola State Park.

I bought a very similar postcard for one of my friends.

I loved the way the sunlight hit the waves in this one below.

One of the trails that we wanted to go on was closed.

Should I say, "I?" E. was being very accomodating despite a bad cold.

I loved this wacko tree. The wind can be so strong it is not unusual to see trees like this.

We tried a hike but between E.'s cold and the mud, we turned around. I did take a picture of the skunk cabbage and the mud before we turned back. The mud has sentimental value. It reminded me of the mud I had to squish through when I was in Guatemala. It's easy to be nostalgic when you have the option of taking a bath in a few short hours.

Because we had the foresight to turn around, we were able to discover a secluded beach before the rain started again. Isn't this seaweed super cool? It's an organic version of an Eva Hesse material!
After the walk, we ran across these sculptures by Angela Haseltine Pozzi. Love the use of fabric and their funkiness.


Jan said...

Beautiful, beautiful! How I miss the Oregon coast. Long ago, I lived in Newport and later in Corvallis. I've been in Texas way too long!

Wendy said...

beautiful, m! i couldn't possibly resist walking home with a pocket full of those gorgeous stones.