Thursday, May 08, 2008

All of these thoughts and feelings rolling around inside my head. Another series of gunfights, more verbal feuds by men with the same last names as those that were in power 20 years ago. My first inclination is to emphasize the word "men." This only contributes to the name calling and finger pointing when the situation is much more complicated and also involves outside influences such as Israel, Iran, and the United States.

What I do know is that whenever I start seriously thinking about visiting the land of my childhood, "troubles" occur. I am beginning to feel that I am not good for Lebanon. Which just makes me obstinate. Statements such as: "I am going as long as I can get in the country," come out of my mouth. I tend not to want to believe. Part of my stubborn idealism. It is still early. Right?

Is it helpful to be pissed? Probably not. I decided that it wasn't helpful a few days ago when I saw Naomi Wolf and so it is no more helpful now. I am sending bad vibes into the world. I will however, allow myself to continue to expect a peaceful Lebanon, oh and let's go all out, world.

Light a candle or something will you?


Renegade Eye said...

Very good blog.

I think most in Lebanon feel s my comrade Marxist from Lebanon, that it's proxy battle, with the masses in the middle.

margaret said...

Thanks RE. I always check in on MFL's blog when I want to know what is going on in Lebanon. I really appreciate his perspective.