Saturday, May 24, 2008


This has been a long week. I've been working on something pretty exciting for the past few months at work and some days I worry that it is too good to be true. We are working on finishing it up this week and I was having trouble sleeping. I gave a presentation where I was a bit more scattered than usual. After, I ran into a few kindred spirit colleagues that I hadn't seen in awhile and as I started summarizing all that I had been up to, I realized when I ended my report with, "And, there has been serious shooting in Lebanon. Now I think it has calmed down and I can go," that the situation in Lebanon had been stressing me out as well. I had thought that I was maintaining distance from Lebanon and the rest of my life. But how possible is that really?

Yesterday, my boss told me I had bags under my eyes that were becoming increasingly deep and sent me home. I slept all afternoon.

When I got up, E. and I took a walk. Because amidst everything, our river is nearly out of control. The snow is melting and the river is raging and rising up onto its banks. Usually, the idea of jumping or kayaking in it doesn't scare me. But it does now. The water is moving so swiftly and with such power. It is awe inspiring and a bit frightening. It has reached some of my neighbors' yards and foundations. Hopefully it will not rise much more.

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