Sunday, May 25, 2008

Images this Weekend

This has been a wonderful weekend. Even somewhat productive. I started on the couch reading Dave Eggers' How We are Hungry. I am enjoying his writing. That is all I will say for now. Also read a worthwhile piece about the global food crisis thanks to Land and People, a daily read.

When I decided that I was doing too much reading and too little creating, I went on a walk and ended up sitting down at a coffee shop right up the hill. After doing some of my reflective assignments in Carol Lloyd's Creating a Life Worth Living on what has inspired me in my life, I started down the staircase home.

Saturated bright color has always inspired me, and today I remembered to bring my camera. My feet made an empty short metallic sound as they met the stairs.

Organic forms
Curled lines of new

A staircase into absence,
the number 12.

A lazy day wouldn't be complete without Tiger at the door, but not coming inside.


MLC said...

Great photo of your cat - love the shot of red with the door and how it repeats with the chair legs. I know you planned it just that way!

I am reading Eggers only I am working on a his "Incredible Work Of Staggering Genius" - which I am enjoying but set down temporarily to read Burroughs new memoir.


Erik said...

I am curious. Do you carry a camera with you throughout the day? I am thinking of doing that during weekends. A famous mexican fotographer was asked about how we about doing his art. He stated that he only walked around with a camera ready to capture that moment.

glued blue glass said...

Yes, when I may be in the mood to take photos, I bring it with me. Who is the Mexican photographer?