Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Look

I was off visiting my mother this past weekend, but tried to keep up on the news in Lebanon as much as I could. One night after reading through some other blog posts, I got so sick of my poppies banner that I found a photo taken when I was hiking during hunting season. The lone trees, the desolate landscape, and the circumstance of that day seemed much more suitable for my blog banner and my mood. Then, my mother came in the room to show me a piece of blue blown glass that she had bought in Lebanon. A small dish to hold pins. I still remember where she bought it, a small stone building on the way to Jbeil where the most beautiful rough glass was blown. I am not even sure if it is still there. The dish had been broken and her friend had glued it back together for her. With all that has been happening in Lebanon this past week, the title seemed fitting.

Two very different blogs have been keeping me up to date on happenings in Lebanon. I thought I'd share:

Land and People
Marxist from Lebanon


Myrthe said...

I love the picture and the new title, Margaret!

glued blue glass said...

Thanks, Myrthe.

glued blue glass said...
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Carol Gee said...

Margaret, your new "look" is yet another example of your ability to stay tuned in to your own emotional reactions. I like the look and the title, which intrigued me.
I continue to read your blog on a regular basis, and though I may not always comment, I drop by often.

pomegranate queen said...

this photo is incredible. this new looks fits the mood of your blog. perfectly. and the name. thank you for sharing the reasons why you made the change.

glued blue glass said...

Carol gee and PQ,
Thanks for stopping by and giving me feedback on my "look."