Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Political Act

Our state Republican convention is in town. E. and I took a walk along the river amidst red, white, and blue signs for Ron Paul, McCain, and Dino Rossi. The Ron Paul signs were the most prevalent. Delegates were having a get together in the park. Our rights as women and as queer folk are unimportant to these three candidates and their supporters. We boldly walked through the crowds holding hands and with our heads up high.

Here we are.
Take a look.
We exist.


Lava said...

Good for you two. I imagine you both a beacon of enlightenment walking through a cloud of darkness and fear.

I have to put up with these signs even in a place that is supposed to be politically neutral. Upon addressing these issues "I" was called a hater. *laugh*

glued blue glass said...

Can we ever be politically neutral?

Lava said...

Maybe not, but I believe we can have zones where we can just not worry about it. Sort of like no smoking zones.

Should judicial figures be allowed to openly display their political preferences?