Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've Arrived

I'm not really sure where to begin. Not much to report yet. I spent yesterday sorting out my internet connection, having lunch with an old friend, and sleeping.

We had our Arabic placement exams and I will find out my language level this afternoon. I don't like fumbling with languages. I'm such an over achiever that I wish that I could say I spoke Arabic already.

I like the AUB campus. Its an idyllic academic environment with trees, visually stimulating architecture, and a sea view. I have already taken lots of pictures and will organize them by theme. I'm behind on politics which is easy to do on this campus. I know that there was fighting in the North near Tripoli this weekend but that is all I know. The head of security spoke to us this morning and encouraged us to call him if we are traveling anywhere and want to know what the situation is like.

So that you have a sense of where I staying, these are views from my dorm.

After a nap yesterday, I went in search of AUB beach. It was closed and so I took a short walk along the sea. The photos below are of the entrance to the beach and along the Avenue de Paris.

I haven't given you a very accurate perspective of the campus. I'll try to do that in my next post. The greenness of it doesn't come through in these photos.
Until next time!!!

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