Friday, June 13, 2008


Progressives have too many issues to count; while conservatives have two: gays and abortion.

Someone whom I greatly respect said this to me the other day. I would add immigration and war to the list, but I pretty much agree.

I've been thinking about the way progressives think compared to conservatives. If you haven't read it, I recommend that you read George Lakoff's Don't Think of an Elephant! I read it a few years ago and as time goes by, it makes more and more sense.

I try so hard to embrace all perspectives and to acknowledge people's values. I don't ask that people accept homosexuality into their value system, that they embrace abortion, or sex before marriage. But I do ask for tolerance and the acceptance that others are going to have values that are different than someone else's. What I have found is that tolerance and the acceptance of alternative perspectives and values is not an option with conservatives. Basically, they want to impose their values on everyone else. It's the patriarchal system that Lakoff talks about.

I want to be inclusive and recognize their values but then they will not recognize mine. It is so draining. Some days I wish I could stop being such a "wanting to hear all sides liberal" and just staunchly support my side. But my side is inclusivity and the Escheresque image moves deeper and deeper...


MLC said...

It is maddening but maybe inclusivity means accepting that conservatives are exclusive?


glued blue glass said...

Yes. But then I cannot let my inclusivity give them power to exclude others. Does that make sense?

K.C. said...

I completely see what you are saying. Wanting to see other sides, but it hard sometimes. When maybe it is easier to really just know your side and what it is that makes you happy and what makes you tick. And maybe just let others be happy in what makes them tick.

And if they have issues in what "does it" for you, just let it go. So hard sometimes... but, if you can, then that says so much about you. Loved your post... Kayce

Americanmaid said...

I love this. I love how you write, I to believe this. You know I do. and thanks for lending me the book.