Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I Do Before Traveling

I have been making a point to see all of my friends before I leave. If I can't see them, I am giving them a phone call. As I am an introvert who can go months without seeing some of my friends, I am not sure why I am doing this. Now that I am traveling, I am feeling the need to contact all of my friends. I am only leaving for two months. It has been much longer than that since I have seen or spoken to some of my friends. I hope that this isn't a premonition. I may be traveling to the "Middle East," but that doesn't mean that I am not coming back home. I have come to like where I live. I want to come back and do some more nesting. Perhaps this is what happens when you start being a part of a community. You want to check in with people, to be reminded of your connection, to ground you. This is what I am coming home to. I am taking a break but I have roots, community.

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elisa said...

Have a great and safe travel, and take your 'home' in your heart wherever you go.
Love and blessings.