Monday, June 30, 2008

Cats at AUB

Yahoo! I'm able to post. I have loads of homework again but I had to post these since I could.

The story goes that the Biology Department used to dissect the cats that lived on campus. But, the current university president is a cat lover and put an end to this practice. Now, all the cats are neutered and spade and are given shots as well. They are everywhere. It's hard to walk anywhere on campus without seeing at least one, if not two or three.

A woman goes around somewhere around 5:00 am and feeds them. I wouldn't mind getting up early and meeting her. I have also heard that cat support costs the university $150,000 a year. I want to find out if there is a way to donate to this cause. You might feel that this is frivolous when there are so many humans who are in need of assistance such as the people of Nahr el Bared for instance. You are correct. But for me, seeing the cats makes me happy. Here is a safe place for them in a world that is often hostile to them. It gives me hope. What other livable refuges can we create for each other?

Oh, who does this darling below look like?

And my laundry detergent. I'm a bit obssessed.


MLC said...

Kool - looks like a trap, neuter, return program. Do they tip (cut off) the tips of one of the cat's ears?


glued blue glass said...

I have seen cut off ear tips on a few of them. What does that mean? Yes, supposedly people drop off their cats here. Especially in times of troubles (war) when they leave. But there is high security here and so you'd have to be pretty sneaky.

Americanmaid said...

I love these pictures. is that Barbie I see in the tree in the first one? ha. anyway I hope you are haveing fun. along with studying. Maya is awaiting your return. Now it's back to studying for me i found out today I am alittle more behind then I thought.