Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cell Phones

I still can't post photos. Well, hopefully they will be worth the wait. Instead I will tell you about cell phones. I have been resisting the urge to get one. I am enjoying the fact that I am not super easy to reach right now. Well, somewhat so. I am very e-mailable and skype and I are close. But I draw the limit with cell phones. I have been using a "telecarte" for local calls and my one Lebanese friend that calls has to leave me messages. She is as attached to her cell phone as I can get at home in the U.S.. I know she wishes that I would get one. But, this trip is extravagent enough for me and so different from my other bare bones mindful traveler trips. I just can't get myself to look into getting a local SIM card. Somehow, I feel a cell phone will affect my ability to be present. Ah, silly me. Perhaps cell phones are the present.

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americanmaid said...

you know I agree with you.