Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Happy Homemaker

I must confess. I have a bad case of the happy homemaker. The worst of it is freaking out when empty beer bottles are left by the sink instead of in the recycling bin or when a half a bag of mini bagels needs to be put in the freezer to avoid mold. That, and the fact that I read "decorating on the cheap" magazines in the grocery store aisle. Recent finds that turned into purchases are 100 Decorations Ideas for under $100 and ReadyMade. Both Better Homes and Gardens magazines I come to find out. If this isn't proof of my affliction, I don't know what is.

I am so ready to take an adjustable curtain rod, a piece of red lace that I got at a pulga, "flea market," in South Texas and hide our garbage can and recycling. Or, use magnetic blackboard paint on SOMETHING.

In the meantime, I found a sturdy wooden chair for $15 at a garage sale (We needed some seating after the poop debacle.) The upholstery was less than appealing but after Maya snuggled on it and confirmed that she was not going to use it as her litter box, I shooed her off to clean and cover it. I covered the bottom with a fabric that I had from Guatemala that I would use to carry my clothes to the river, cover my desk, etc.. I used a keffiyeh I bought this summer at a tourist shop in Lebanon for the the top. The keffiyeh is a symbol of the Palestinian struggle even though they are usually black and white or red and white, not purple. I balanced the two fabrics with a morral, "bag," that I crocheted in Guatemala that I have converted into a pillow. It reads "paz" on one side and "junkulal" on the other -peace in Spanish and Kanjobal Maya.

At least my travel experiences influence my decorating. I am looking for some support for my current condition.


troro - the artists behind said...

Very smart, and the result is very esthetic... That is what our project in Maghdouche-Lebanon is about: to see beauty in things that so called "normal people" neglect, put the focus on these things and use them in the most beautiful way.
Good job!

pomegranate queen said...

there's nothing like decorating and redecorating! sometimes i call it productive procrastination, but for the most part i think it's important to switch up the energy of the home by redecorating! so i'm right there with you!
your place sounds lovely.

glued blue glass said...

I agree with you about finding beauty in the ordinary. I wholeheartedly believe in it. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me that you have tons of delicious Lebanese recipes to rty on your page.
I love decorating but this house moving and unpacking never seems to end. I haven't written since Monday. How do you balance your writing and work?

troro - the artists behind said...

I love my work (to run a small art gallery) and I love the project that we are running, so for me it seems natural to give time to what one likes even if I have to sacrifice other things... besides, I am not a writer, I use a lot of photos and little writing and I find it appropriate to what is our blog about. Plus, there is the possibility of giving a date for when you need you articles to be published in the future and that makes life easier!
I follow all your posts even If I am not commenting everything. Good work !