Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Miscellaneous Images That I Like

Pink and polka dots
along with neon green

reinforced concrete, rebar
and shattered anything come to mind

Add barbed wire
some sleek and gnarly line

a bit of overgrown green
perhaps a little magenta

and you have


elisa said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and yes, a dummy is a journal. It's just the name for the cheap notebooks I like to use.
And thanks for sharing your stories here, and reminding me of a place on earth called the Lebanon. Strange to see how the war seems to be forgotten and whipped away. In Europe it was like that afther woII, I think; don't look back, just work at the future...
And I understand it's no fun being gay in Lebanon, but the quotes you made about the things people say made me laugh, short hair, being unmarried etc. Can be heard in the Netherlands also. But here will be no punishment, maybe your parents won't talk to you for a long while...Mostly and luckily it is accepted.Or must I say tollareted?
Love to you, xxx

glued blue glass said...

The Netherlands, along with Spain and Canada have the most legal acceptance of LGBTIQ issues in the world. I even think that gay marriage exists there. Am I wrong? Thanks for stopping by!

elisa said...

Gay marriage is legal yes. But it's not all gold that glitters here, gays are being hit and discriminated also.
I so much wish we all could see the humans in all of us, no matter what body posture, skin color, love life or religions we have. Live in peace, with love.

glued blue glass said...

I too get so frustrated with all of the diviisions we create. We fear that which is different especially when we are insecure at some level. Plus, dividing people is a very effective means of control. We control ourselves that way.
At least there are laws in the Netherlands. A far cry from here in the U.S. or in Lebanon.