Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peace Flags Abound

I have been less of an internet junky of late because I went back to work and at the same time started moving both heavy and E.'s stuff. Now it really feels like we are moving with all the moments of stress when I see piles of everything that is not mine scattered on all available flat surfaces. For some reason, mess never seems as bad when it is yours.

Plus, Maya may appear well adjusted and happy as usual as her big green eyes and gregarious personality lead one to believe. Nevertheless, she has somehow come to the conclusion that the old used red couch that we bought from a friend should now serve as her litter box. I have awakened to poop and a not so savoury aroma every morning. She pees in her box and poops on the couch. Go figure.

In the mean time, Silver lives under the basement stairs and growls whenever Maya tries to befriend. Change can be challenging for most of us.

I am missing being creative. Yesterday, I tried to write who knows what great thought I had in one of my journals. I woke up curled over it instead. The weekend is near and I am beginning to see over all of our piles. There is hope.


MLC said...

Are you trying to integrate cats not familiar to one another?

You may need more cat boxes with a new house, new cats.

Let me know what's up and I can help you.

Janet (e-mail me through my website, I can send you some materials)

glued blue glass said...

Thanks, Janet.
Maya seems to have stopped now that we got rid of the couch but I am still at a loss over Silver in the basement.

Lava said...

Its probably good that you got rid of the couch.

I agree with MLC about the litter boxes. In my Cat Fanciers book it states the ideal is 1 litter box per cat + 1 more.

I believe most everything I read. Thats why my life is like a Dilbert comic.

The house looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

glued blue glass said...

Thanks, Lava.
Your life is like a Dilbert comic. Funny. I don't read Dilbert and so cannot comment.
Have a good weekend,