Sunday, October 26, 2008

Voting , Reading, and Writing

I know, I am rarely on here anymore. Even comments sit in pre-approval land for days before I notice them. I've been auditing that LGBTQ studies class which is taking up alot of my time. We are entering queer theory now and while I am a bit confused I am enjoying it. I have always found defining myself within a sexual identity and orientation limiting.

And yes, I have voted. It's quite the theme of Facebook pictures right now. At least among those of us that mail in our votes. This is quite common in Washington and has increased voter turn out. I haven't mailed mine in yet. There are a few resolutions and judges I need to read up on before doing so. And despite the fact that I am by no means an avid Democrat, a multi party system makes much more sense to me, I am casting my vote for Obama. I am not going to turn on the television on November 4. But I will go online first thing in the morning. Trying to convince someone, anyone to go listen to Vandana Shiva with me. What a wonderful way to end an anxiety producing day. Yes, its a 1 1/2 hour drive each way. But she's worth it in my opinion and if I find someone to accompany me, the conversation upon the return could be equally stimulating.

I went to visit an American Studies program down yonder. I felt so energized. I may be moving down to the Palouse where the program is for two days each week to take a class and to work from there. I actually may get a Ph.D. Taking it slowly though. Don't even know what I would write my dissertation on. I went down to the text book section of their bookstore. With a little effort, I convinced the manager that it was OK for me to go beyond the barriers and roam the shelves, starting in Accounting and ending in Women's Studies. I did come out with a book. The Heart of Whiteness by Robert Jensen.

It should be required reading for everyone who considers themselves white in the United States. Racism is the demise of my country. Unless we white folk truly look at ourselves in the mirror, our country is just plain fucked. This country is built on racism and oppression. Please read it after my eloquent introduction.

I have been working on one short story. Yes, just one. Met with my prof this weekend and finally realized that it is about a female friendship gone raw. Yes, I'm dense. Now I can make a list of others, including male friendships. Hmm, I see a binary here.

That's it for now.

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