Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay Marriage or Civil Unions for All?

I need some input from any readers out there. There has been a post election flurry around the fact that while anti-choice political efforts failed in various states last week, gay rights had the opposite luck. To be specific, efforts to gain support for gay marriage have gone backwards rather than forwards. At the LGBT Film Festival in my town this past weekend, Equal Rights Washington was giving out stickers saying that the owner supported gay marriage. I couldn't take one.

It's not that I don't think that people, like myself, who love someone of the same gender should have the opportunity to make a formal commitment to one another. It's the institution of marriage itself. Do people really want to be part of a traditionally patriarchal and heterosexist system? Not me. I would rather have my union sanctioned by the state and if I choose to have a commitment ceremony in a religious institution, then so be it. But my benefits shouldn't be tied up in this.

All couples who want a civil union should be able to have one no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, etc... In fact, civil unions should be the only official sanction the state provides for all, regardless of sexual orientation. And with a civil union should come all the benefits that traditionally come with marriage. Then, if you want to get married, go to your church or community of faith. Under these conditions if you then want to exclude others, you have the right to. No benefits are attached and so I could care less what you do.

He, he. Some could say that the "gays" want to deny marriage to "straight" people. Not really. But read it as you like. It's a paradigm shift that even gay rights groups have yet to embrace. We are stuck on the wrong word. Forget marriage, think civil unions for all!


MLC said...

I want a separation of church and state. As an American agnostic I would support the civil liberty to pursue the religion of ones interest (or not).

And while I have no interest in marriage or even a civil union -- should I lose my mind and change it, I want my civil rights in place.

The right to form a civil union with all of the same rights as a marriage.


glued blue glass said...

Thanks for commenting, Janet. Thinking of yesterday and the prop 8 protests that occured all of the country, I am very happy that there are so many people who support my right to live with my partner and to have it sanctioned by society. I just wish we could change the language and seperate church/faith community and state.