Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Scarf

Yesterday I had tea with a wonderful woman from Jordan. I sought her out because she is in the graduate program I am considering and because she is Jordanian. Where I live, it is not every day that I get to be around folks from the Middle East, much less a country so close to my dear Lebanon!
Even though we just met, she gave me this beautiful scarf. "I didn't know if you wore scarves," she said, "but I see that you have one on now." Ever since I returned from Lebanon, I have worn a shawl sized scarf nearly every day.
I wore the shawl to our work holiday party last night and told everyone I talked to the story. Every time I wrap myself in it, I will be reminded of a part of the world that is often misunderstood in the West. I will also remind myself and others that there will be no real "hope" and "change" until everyone is a part of it, including the Palestinians and others in the Arab World that the West would rather forget.


troro - the artists behind said...

The way you write about Lebanon and the middle east makes me feel so proud. One does not need to dig deep to discover how much love you have for Lebanon, and for that you have all my respect and admiration.
We will be there for christmas and I will have a thought of you.
Following all your posts even if I dont say much.

glued blue glass said...

Have a wonderful holiday season, troro!!