Monday, December 29, 2008

Hull Cleaning

Couldn't sleep. The current situation in Gaza is motivating me to remove some of the cynical stagnation off my hull. Wrote a quick e-mail to my representatives urging them to pressure Israel for an immediate end to the current violence. This is a short term solution that I recommend everyone do. I will write a longer letter later. Not sure what else to do right now. A friend sent me a link to the Global BDS Movement: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine. I also have started reading One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse by Ali Abunimah the cofounder of electronic intifada. He basically says that a two-state solution won't work. I just finished the chapter on Israel's broken agreements. Sad and overwhelming. But, that was Chapter Two. Proposed solutions will follow.

Art always sees me through these bouts of insomnia and paralysis. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


My heart is with the people of Gaza right now.

A break from the holiday creativity

Things aren't so hot in Gaza right now. If you care to learn more go to electronic intifada and Al Jazeera.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stencil Madness

E. and I stenciled t-shirts the other day. These are some random images from our fun. Some of the stencils and ideas are from Lotta Prints, some are from Stencils 101, and others are just our own!
Hoping this is a creative time for you as well,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Intriguing Images

I found these unexpected photographs by Rune Guneriussen the other day. Seeing that I have been sharing lots of photos of lights these seemed apropos.

I also was intrigued by Jade Pegler's sculptures. Nothing like the photos above. I tried to copy a few photos into this post but wasn't able to. Sorry. Just follow the link.
I am feeling a need for more intriguing images in my life. If you are inspired by a visual artist, I'd love to learn more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Materials

Materials for celebrating this holiday season abound. And, to be a part of the celebration you do not have to participate in any amount of store gift buying. Not that I am advocating going all the way and making no purchases. I am always in awe of human creative potential and believe in supporting this creativity.
Our at home holiday expression is a mixture.

Garlands, fair trade and made from scraps, along with a locally handmade ornament.

Yes, we marched on Washington a few years back. But snowpeople will always melt peoples' hearts.
I could give two shits as long as it is E's that I melt.
Every vote counts.
Happy Holidays.
Experience whatever these two lines bring to mind.
En fin, tu ethos will save you.

According to the label of the Ethos Water container that I bought while trying to make sure that kids in my community get some of the information they need to succeed in their everyday futures.

We began with the simple idea: "Let's create a bottled water to help children around the world get clean water." We felt compelled to make a difference because more than one billion people lack clean water access, and the problem affects children most. Ethos Water donates 5 cents for every bottle sold toward humanitarian water programs. Our current goal is to invest $10 million in these programs by 2010. Already, we are helping children and their communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Thank you for joining us in our efforts.
Who created water disparity anyway?
Contrary to corporate belief, our salvation and those of others does not lie in purchasing a water bottle.

Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fa la la

I've been struck with some holiday spirit. Got to make peace with this horridly cold weather I suppose...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Wreath

I finished my wreath! Hope and fullness to all...

Bumminess be gone!

E gave me a DVD of Persepolis for my b-day. We watched it last night as I worked on my holiday wreath (To be unveiled soon.) My favorite is the "Eye of the Tiger" scene. Such a wonderful way to get out of bumminess. I think I will watch it every time I get a little down.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Making

I've been struck with the bug- the "making things" one. Not that I'm complaining. This may prevent reading burnout when it comes time to do nothing but reading and writing in a month's time. And the holidays are here. I've been avoiding getting too involved in holiday consumerism and am glad that my alternative is searching around the house and the internet for ways to celebrate without further contributing to our earth's destruction.

So far, this is what I have come up with: a handmade ornament that I bought for E. at a local gallery/bookstore that I love and our tree. The tree is made up of part of the ceramic bird bath that usually lives in the backyard and some pieces of driftwood from the banks of a local lake. My grandmother would be so proud.

She'd like the pink lights as well.
I still would also like to make some sort of garland and wreath. My idea is to be inspired by the artists' work below and make use of my abundance of recycled cloth and paper that too often lies undisturbed in containers. My birthday is this weekend and I thought I'd have my friends create little additions for the garland with hopes, wishes, and dreams. Then I can hang the garland up and send my friends positive thoughts for years. I will let my blog readers know if the idea actually becomes reality.
A fabric wreath by Lindamade.

Fabric garlands at Ambatalia, the Fabric Society.
Wake up to a snowy dream by making a snowstorm.
The last three are Sophie Cuvelier's creations. Yum.

My mantra this holiday season is
CeLebrate and
for yourself and others.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


It's a cold winter Saturday. I need to do some chores out in the world but am enjoying a little internet immersion and sharing in the mean time.

I am liking the God's Eye that I made in Guatemala hanging in front of my westernized keffiyeh. They hang in my office/art making space.
Tiny Red inspired the clothing photos. She takes photos of just about everything that is visually interesting in her life. I always look forward to the glimpses of her outfits that she provides. Lots or red, polka dots, and bold lines. I bought this goofy skirt last year on a pricey whim. But, I do like to wear it this time of year and it sure beats those holiday sweatshirts and sweaters with sequined Christmas trees, santas, and snowmen on them. Sorry, I just don't like them. If you do, more power to you. I guess. I will wear my gingerbread skirt instead.

I like red and brown together sometimes. I was proud of this outfit, if you can't tell. My red seed beaded necklace that I rarely take off, my earrings from Guatemala that I don't take off, and my favorite button: THE REVOLUTION BEGINS HERE.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Another Cherrie Moraga Quote

... And how will our lands be free when our bodies aren't?

Land remains the common ground for all radical action. But land is more than the rocks and trees, the animal and plant life that make up the territory of Aztlan or Navajo Nation or Maya Mesoamerica. For immigrant and native alike, land is also the factories where we work, the water our children drink, and the housing project where we live. For women, lesbians, and gay men, land is that physical mass called our bodies. Throughout las Americas, all these "lands" remain under occupation by an Anglo-centric, patriarchal, imperialist United States.

-Cherrie Moraga, The Last Generation