Saturday, December 06, 2008


It's a cold winter Saturday. I need to do some chores out in the world but am enjoying a little internet immersion and sharing in the mean time.

I am liking the God's Eye that I made in Guatemala hanging in front of my westernized keffiyeh. They hang in my office/art making space.
Tiny Red inspired the clothing photos. She takes photos of just about everything that is visually interesting in her life. I always look forward to the glimpses of her outfits that she provides. Lots or red, polka dots, and bold lines. I bought this goofy skirt last year on a pricey whim. But, I do like to wear it this time of year and it sure beats those holiday sweatshirts and sweaters with sequined Christmas trees, santas, and snowmen on them. Sorry, I just don't like them. If you do, more power to you. I guess. I will wear my gingerbread skirt instead.

I like red and brown together sometimes. I was proud of this outfit, if you can't tell. My red seed beaded necklace that I rarely take off, my earrings from Guatemala that I don't take off, and my favorite button: THE REVOLUTION BEGINS HERE.

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