Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Making

I've been struck with the bug- the "making things" one. Not that I'm complaining. This may prevent reading burnout when it comes time to do nothing but reading and writing in a month's time. And the holidays are here. I've been avoiding getting too involved in holiday consumerism and am glad that my alternative is searching around the house and the internet for ways to celebrate without further contributing to our earth's destruction.

So far, this is what I have come up with: a handmade ornament that I bought for E. at a local gallery/bookstore that I love and our tree. The tree is made up of part of the ceramic bird bath that usually lives in the backyard and some pieces of driftwood from the banks of a local lake. My grandmother would be so proud.

She'd like the pink lights as well.
I still would also like to make some sort of garland and wreath. My idea is to be inspired by the artists' work below and make use of my abundance of recycled cloth and paper that too often lies undisturbed in containers. My birthday is this weekend and I thought I'd have my friends create little additions for the garland with hopes, wishes, and dreams. Then I can hang the garland up and send my friends positive thoughts for years. I will let my blog readers know if the idea actually becomes reality.
A fabric wreath by Lindamade.

Fabric garlands at Ambatalia, the Fabric Society.
Wake up to a snowy dream by making a snowstorm.
The last three are Sophie Cuvelier's creations. Yum.

My mantra this holiday season is
CeLebrate and
for yourself and others.

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Fun things Margaret - thanks for sharing.