Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Materials

Materials for celebrating this holiday season abound. And, to be a part of the celebration you do not have to participate in any amount of store gift buying. Not that I am advocating going all the way and making no purchases. I am always in awe of human creative potential and believe in supporting this creativity.
Our at home holiday expression is a mixture.

Garlands, fair trade and made from scraps, along with a locally handmade ornament.

Yes, we marched on Washington a few years back. But snowpeople will always melt peoples' hearts.
I could give two shits as long as it is E's that I melt.
Every vote counts.
Happy Holidays.
Experience whatever these two lines bring to mind.
En fin, tu ethos will save you.

According to the label of the Ethos Water container that I bought while trying to make sure that kids in my community get some of the information they need to succeed in their everyday futures.

We began with the simple idea: "Let's create a bottled water to help children around the world get clean water." We felt compelled to make a difference because more than one billion people lack clean water access, and the problem affects children most. Ethos Water donates 5 cents for every bottle sold toward humanitarian water programs. Our current goal is to invest $10 million in these programs by 2010. Already, we are helping children and their communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Thank you for joining us in our efforts.
Who created water disparity anyway?
Contrary to corporate belief, our salvation and those of others does not lie in purchasing a water bottle.

Happy Holidays.

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