Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year

The New Year has come and gone and I haven't posted. I've been a bit down about Gaza and trying to get myself out of a work funk. Thankfully, I think I have. Wish I could do more about Gaza. Did my letter writing and have been forwarding my articles. I feel so removed from it all. And during the day, I am so busy with work that I haven't been keeping up on my reading of each new atrocity that is being perpetrated upon the people of Gaza by the Israeli military. Plus I distracted myself by going to the shelter and getting a kitten. Her name is Asha. My post today includes pics of her and an appeal to support Mercy Corps through their petition and hopefully a donation to their humanitarian work. It's only dealing with the immediate emergency but right now, that is important.


Anne-Marie said...

Your kitty is beautiful. She obviously has a sweet, playful nature. I'm sure you two will have fun together.

I'm in the process of writing to our Minister of Foreign Affairs urging action over the situation in Gaza. It is such a small gesture but what else can we do from so far away?

glued blue glass said...

Letting our representatives know how we feel is so important. I did the same. I know it doesn't stop what is happening immediately but it will eventually. I am hoping that the world is getting so sick of this that a real solution that gives the Palestinian people rights, ownership and dignity will come out of all of this.I just wish so many people did not have to die in the process.
I am looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks for writing!