Monday, January 12, 2009

It is a bit early for me to post. Yesterday's was very important for me and I wanted it to simmer in people's minds and in my own more. I have been struggling with truly feeling what is going on in Gaza. For some reason, I feel like a factual account or sharing an article is going to impact people so much more than emotions. But I know better. I have lived through 8 years of the Bush Administration, 9/11, and now the "Yes We can Hope!" President-Elect after all. Emotions are key. The wedge, as a dear former professor of mine would say. In this case, the wedge is EMOTION. And so, I will share some of the outrage and expression that the world is feeling. It is pure in its raw sincerity.

From ei: World Demonstrates for Gaza Part 1 and Part 2
New Orleans, Caracas, Beirut, Bethlehem, Houston, Kansas City, Kuala Lumpur, NYC, Paris, and Seattle. There were so many more. People from all over our dear Earth have been showing their outrage and their humanity. Yes, they get it and they care.
And, I am saving the best for last. A Western song a dear new friend from Jordan sent to me. She is one of few Arabs in my part of the United States surrounded by rolling hills of wheat and misinformation. I share with her a deep sorrow.

We will not go down in Gaza tonight without a fight. That "we" includes you. Please, please respond. E-mail, write, shout, and if you need encouragement or direction just let me know... Our humanity is at stake.

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