Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What to Put?

There is a protest planned tomorrow. Awkward time- 4:00 pm when many are still at work. I have the privilege of leaving work and later returning. In return, nights are sometimes expected.
But tonight I have a sign to make. My declaration to my community about how I feel about the atrocities in Gaza and the perpetrators of these atrocities: Israel and myself through my tax dollars that are being spent on military aid to Israel and my country's unconditional support of a government that is creating a holocaust as horrible as the one perpetrated on some of its citizens.
What should I write on my sign? I could write a simple diatribe against Israel but I am sick of those. I want peace. I want a solution that makes everyone feel ownership, dignity, and an everyday life. There is a solution out there, perhaps the one state one. I must believe it. This is what I want on my sign. A lasting peace, longer than a cease-fire where all are included. Where Palestinians aren't forced to make inhumane concessions.
How can I put this on a sign?

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