Monday, March 09, 2009

My Prom Dress

Here's a happier image after the barbed hula. I finally wore the dress I have wanted to wear for years to our community's ProChoice Prom. Apparently, garbage bags are 80's punk. I had no idea.


elisa said...

You look so cute.

I have been wearing a simular dress in the early eighties to the carnaval at my school. I was 13 and yes, with white and black facial paint, I was dressed as a punk. I never saw a real punk wear one.

These bags are just great to make party clothes and I love the hot air animals made from them as been seen in New York, etc.

I wish you a great spring.
May your inspiration bloom.

glued blue glass said...

Yes, I enjoyed my party dress. Apparently they make duck tape in various colors. That would be fun to try to make a dress out of too. Maybe next year. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to May when I can make art and write.