Monday, March 16, 2009

Waltz with Bashir

I finally got to see Waltz with Bashir last night. I don't think a film has ever made me cry so much before. Seeing that I left Lebanon a few months before the events on which the movie is based took place, the film is very personal to me. And, I had my own personal trauma that occurred right around that time too with my mother having a severe stroke our final weeks in Lebanon. So, it is a charged time and topic for me. As for many others, Israelis, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Americans alike.

The film is not for the faint hearted. It looks at the bloody massacres at the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps head on. Blaming the Phalangists for this horror, as well they should, but not ridding the Israeli Defense Forces of complicity. I am almost positive that the narrator and main character, the film maker Ari Folman, called himself and others Nazis. From an Israeli whose parents were in Auschwitz, could there be words that are stronger?

This is how peace will be made possible in Israel and Palestine. When Israelis can stand up and show how the wars they have fought have affected them. When they say they will support no more. I just hope we don't have to wait another twenty years like Ari Folman has before remembering. I also hope that we all have the same amount of courage as Ari Folman and admit our own complicity to allow such genocide to continue in Lebanon and in Gaza.

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Marianne said...

Thanks so much for posting your review M - I've been wondering whether to put myself through it, only willing to do so if there is some real truth being told here. It sounds like there is, so I will face my own feelings and watch it.

glued blue glass said...

I think it's worth seeing. Just bring tissues. I'd be curious to know your thoughts after. Especially regarding the treatment of the massacre.
How are you? How's school? I haven't been on your new blog all that much because I am also taking classes.