Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clicking Away

I am in Seattle for the World Rhythm Festival. While I do not have any musical ability, my sweetie does. So while she drums, I have been trying to work on a paper. I say trying because I have managed to do everything but. It's been a really lousy few weeks and just getting away and being in a city for the weekend is so much fun. We took a bus ride to Ballard to have Oaxacan food and found myself clicking away. I often wander over to tiny red's blog and wonder why her images are so much more colorful than mine. I have decided that the urbanscape has something to do with it. My photos at home are beautiful in their own way. They usually suggest space and isolation with spare color just like the landscape.

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●• Tiny Red said...

the festival sounds great!
about the pictures i think you're absolutely right there, urbanscape and present light has a massive influence on how the pictures look... london has a tendency for being gray so when the pictures look dull i just do a little adjustment on contrast and brightness but that's all, because if you tweak too much you're left with photos that look fake...
i love that last photo!